A bela vida- enjoy life with your own guesthouse in Bahia, Brasil

Guest House
Front View
Garden with sea view
Sea View from first floor
Garden with play ground
VIP room
Double room
Dining area
Beach in front of the guest house
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Grundriss EG Nebenhaus
Grundriss Studios
Umgebungsplan Lageplan
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Kennung 925
Objektart Häuser
Lage 2048 Ponta de Areia
Zimmer 11
Wohnfläche ca. 550 m²
Kaufpreis 450.000,00 €
Provision für Käufer Keine zusätzliche Maklerprovision


Langer Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
Weydingerstraße 14-16
10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 24009830

Weitere Angaben

Anzahl Balkone/Terrassen 4
Stellplatzanzahl 10
Barrierefrei ja
Zustand gepflegt
Stellplatztyp Aussenstellplatz
Baujahr 2004
Grundstücksfläche ca. 1.330 m²
Anzahl Badezimmer 11
Energieausweis Noch nicht vorhanden


At one of the most beautiful and well known beaches in Brasil, at the island of Itaparica is this charming, well equiped guest house locted.
Recommended from agencys, taxi drivers and restaurants is this boarding house a great address for high-class,convenient staying.
Well-trained staff will make your stay unforgettable.

The guest house has 11 nicely equiped rooms thereof 3 VIP-Rooms with private balcony, stunning view to the ocean, sat tv, air condition, safe and minibar.

Every apartment comes with a bath room.
All rooms got a queen-size bed

In the hammock in the in-house garden you will dream yourself away only to get up to enjoy a lovely drink under the mango tree.

In the year 2004 the guest house was built after german standards and only 3 years later it got an extension according to the high demand.

The beach in front of the house has clear, calm water all year round.
The kiosks at the beach provid local and international cuisine.


In the main building you will find the cosy breakfast- and restaurant area.
The setting is characteristical local with a handmade real wood bar including furniture.
This sector provides space for appr. 40 people.

In the 14 m² adjoining room of the main building you can serve a comprehensive breakfast to your guests.

The fully functional 20 m² large kitchen with refrigerator and freezer is perfectly equiped to prepair local cuisine.
Fans will cool the air down additional.

All the paper work like bookings and so on you can privatly work on in the 14 m² office.
All circuit points such as internet, security cameras, telecommunications are controlled from that room.

A seperate storage with fridge and freezer for keeping groceries & beverages is next to it.

In the purchasing price included is the 140 m² large, high-quality apartment with a 40 m² big terrace right now used by the current owner.
The floor is made of classy granite.
The american kitchen is perfectly integrated in the living room.
Addinionally the apartment has two bedrooms.

The master bedroom is appointed with a walk in-closet and a bathroom.

In the extension of the guest house you will find another room with a well equiped bathroom as well as 2 more bedrooms which could be used by the staff.

More storage rooms and a social bathroom are there as well.


Salvador is after Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro the third biggest city in Brasil and easy to reach from all over the world because of its international airport.

The island of Itaparica with its many beaches is approx. 50 minutes by car.
A foot passenger ferry takes the visitors from Salvador within 40 Minutes to Itaparica.

From the small harbour to the boarding house its only a short 6 km drive.
Without any difficulty you can use a taxi or public transportation.


Alle Daten und Fakten stammen vom Eigentümer des Objektes. Wir haben uns vor Ort von der Übereinstimmung überzeugt. Trotz aller Gründlichkeit können wir für die Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der Angaben keine Haftung übernehmen. Irrtum und Auslassung sowie Zwischenverkauf und/oder Zwischenvermietung bleiben vorbehalten.
Eine Reservierung kann nur nach schriftlicher Vereinbarung in Absprache mit dem Makler und dem Eigentümer erfolgen.

Disclaimer / Property offers
Provided, neither Langer Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, its officers or employees accept any responsibility as to the accuracy of the information provided on either this or in any subsequent communication.
We strongly recommend that each individual investor takes independent professional advice concerning all aspects of any proposed purchase.
Langer Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG does not take any responsibility for any Professional or other costs incurred by an investor.
The provision of the information contained in this E-Mail or any subsequent communication is no indication or proof of Langer Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG’s legal appointment by the owner / vendor of a proposed investment to market this opportunity exclusively or as one of several appointed consultants.

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