Buying a property

Yes you can… be an owner!

Become a satisfied property owner together with a powerful partner!

Perhaps you are desirous of your own property, of owning a detached house or you would like to invest in a property as an investment and now you are searching for a powerful partner, who supports you to all occurring tasks and questions relating to real estate?

Then we are the right choice.

We would like to help you realizing your dream by supporting you with a selection of different property up to the contract of purchase and make you to a property owner or an investor. But also afterwards you are not on your own. We also provide support after the purchase contract so that all can develop to your full satisfaction.

We will act accordingly in every situation, regardless if you are a young family or a young couple looking for a detached house or if you are a capital investor. Every lifestyle is different and every human is unique, as well as his desires, targets and needs. But there is one fitting property for each circumstance, which satisfy the requests of the owner or capital investor. We would like to support you in search of your dream property.

As a result of our long-standing experience in the real estate business and the good contacts we are maintaining, we can offer a large supply of properties to find your suitable house, as soon as possible.With the help of your criteria, like property type, location or investment capital, we will find the perfect property for you.

What is the main reason for using a real estate agent?

No market is as changeable, complex and confusing as the real estate market. In particular for you as client, it could get difficult to keep track. At a market such as the real estate market, individual and market-driven strategies are necessary to be successful. This is only possible, if you know the market as a real estate expert and you know how the market responds to changes. With a real estate service firm, as Langer Real Estate, you are on the save side.

The purchase of a property not only consists of a sales contract. A multiplicity of trivia and tasks are added frequently, which usually fall into oblivion, if you do not work in real estate business, every day. But an experienced real estate agent will remind you of those tasks and obligations and will spare you nasty surprises after your purchase contract. This will allow you to live a pleased and nice life in your new home.

Our business activities cover:

  • the research for suitable properties, specifically matched to your desire and Requirements to your living space / income property

joint surveys of the property