Comfortable living in old age

You are desirous of an age-based place of residence but your home is unsuitable.


Age-based living in the own house is often difficult. Neither your house can’t spare you the exhausting climbing of stairs nor can you afford the necessary restoration.

A lot of people achieve their dream of owning a house. But now you notices problems about age-based living in your house.

Can you feel comfortable in your house, when you grow older? Do you have detected that your dream property is unsuitable for an age-based living?

Then dare the first crotch and turn to us for advice, immediately.

We support you by selling your house and restore a nice, new and age-based apartment to you.

Please, come with us on a short round trip through your home, passing steeply stairs, climbing them get more and more difficult, passing all the rooms, where your children grow up, but now cleaning them dispossess you of your energy, passing the old windows, they have to interchange and onto the garden, which becomes more and more a burden for you.

Your decision about selling your house is not an easy one, you know.

But do you have the continuing ability to take care of your house? This is crucial for your decision. Maybe you had trusted that your children take care of your property, when you grow older. But now they didn’t live close to you or have already their own house.

Between your decision and implementation mostly goes by a lot of time. It is really important to pre-plan to actualize your wishes and agendas optimal.

We give you an expert advice and show you different possibilities which are considered to you after selling your residence.

You have to premeditate:

  • Where and how would you live…
  • Which possibilities are considered to you…
  • Which financial possibilities do you have…

We are able to show you options and develop a concept together with you.

How would you like to life:

  • suitable and comfortable
  • together with a good neighbourhood
  • independent and freed of annoying duties

Ultimately, you want to live as independently and safely as possible.

Enjoy your retirement freed of annoying duties. Live untroubled with the necessary collaterals, you want to relish at this age.

If you want to sell your property together with a competent and serious partner, then take us as real estate agent to save the necessary capital and calmness for an untroubled life.

Our activities as a real estate agent for a successful property sale:

  • valuation of your property and calculation of the market value and …
  • selling of your house and …
  • solvency check of the buyer and …
  • provision of an age-based residence or …
  • provision of an age-based residence including ongoing servicing or …
  • provision of an age-based condominium and rebuilding accordingly to your desire

Please contact us. We will advise you.