Rent a property

Do you need a change of residence?

You are single, a young family or an older couple searching for an new home? 

Let us support you in finding your individual apartment.

If you are searching a new apartment or house for you and your family, we are your right contact. We would like to help you with words and deeds. With us you will find the perfect apartment, either for singles of families.




Together with Langer Real Estate you will become a relaxed and untroubled tenant.

Our wide supply of flats in popular housingareas and/or near the city, offers one-room-apartments up to five-room-apartments and even houses


This extensive supply makes it possible for us to find the right apartment for everybody. Cooperation with housing companies and landlords is another important ingredient for us. So we are able to present you our comprehensive supply of nice apartments.

Initiative „Young Living“

We are also a dedicated partner with the initiative „Young Living“. This is a campaign of Altenburger area, especially for young people or young families. Target of „Young Living“ is to make it easier for young people to move into their first own apartment and also move to Altenburger area should be more interesting for young people. The campaign offers any mentioned person the opportunity to rent living space at affordable prices or to take advantage of interest free financing options. Do not be afraid to address us. We will help to find the perfect living apartment for you.

Rent – match to your budget.

Our good knowledge of real estate market enables us to offer you a justified rent with predictable additional costs. So you can have a careless life in your new apartment.

Even after completion of contract we are still your contact for your worries and problems regarding your apartment, so that not only our joy is remaining about a successful rental, also your joy can be maintaining about your new apartment.

If you need a change of residence, please contact us. Whatever kind of property you are searching for, we will find your perfect apartment that will fit to your desire, so you will be a satisfied tenant. Searching for a new apartment will take a lot of time. With a real estate agent on your side, it will be much more easier to find your perfect apartment. We will take a pre-selection of apartments that matches to your criteria. That saves time, so you have plenty of time for other important things in life.

It’s your first apartment?

Surely, we will be helpful with all arising matters around your change of residence. We would like to give you an overview about what you have to observe when you move house or apartment. If it is necessary, we will also refer you to trusted partners