Selling a property

Selling a property can have many reasons!

Are you beginning a new period of your life? …Let us alleviate you new start, by ceding the sale of your property to us.


Selling a house takes a lot of time. Often the required time is not available, especially if you have a job. A real estate agent will assist you actively and with much dedication. He can invest the needed time selling your residential or commercial property.


Expertise and market knowledge – These are the key words for a successful property sale.


Your choice about the right real estate agent, can be crucial for the retail price and the duration until the completion of property sale.

Due to our market knowledge, we can estimate the price your property has on the present property market within a short time. We assume the market analysis, check the property documents and analyze contingent existing rental agreements for you.


For us as real estate agents, it is important to convey you a realistic, achievable and fair market price.

We can refer to more than 20 years of experience. Sure you can ask us about our references. We will show you a multitude of successful sales and rentals.






Our activities as a real estate agent for a successful property sale:

  • creation of a meaningful exposés
  • presentation of your property on our websites
  • offering your property on multiple web portals as the same time
  • if appropriate, dissemination to our business partners in several European countries
  • inspecting with previously tested and potential buyers
  • negotiation and mediation
  • accompaniment of the seller until the sales contract and notary date and beyond this

This is just a selection of measures, we assume for you, to ensure a successful marketing of your property. Furthermore we have an extensive client list, based on previous numerous purchase negoitation, on which we can find a prospective client for your property, maybe already today.

At a property sale problems often arise, which the owner thitherto did not think of. As a real estate agent, it is not only our responsibility to advise you of those problems, but also to find a solution.

Are you searching for a competent real estate agent, who supports the sale of your residential or commercial property or of your condominium and who has the necessary market knowledge? Then you will find a serious and powerful partner in Langer Real Estate!

Together with Langer Real Estate your selling will be easy and without any problems.

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